Stretching and strengthening programs

Stretching and strengthening regimes form an important ancillary service for LBF patients. LBF utilise a variety of multi-modal treatment plans which may include stretching, strength development and dynamic functional programming, compiled for an at-home regime. LBF podiatrists may work with families to provide a customised, progressive program delivered electronically by way of the Physitrack App, allowing for practitioners, parents and carers to track the patient’s progress and compliance.

In order to achieve best treatment outcomes, the LBF team work collaboratively with a variety of paediatric specialists, such as physiotherapists, exercise physiologists and occupational therapists, to ensure the precise delivery of a wholistic treatment plan.

Sophie helping child with shoes


In instances of acute trauma or injury, the initial rehabilitation phase may require immobilisation in conjunction with rest and activity modification. LBF podiatrists may apply variations of traditional and customised strapping techniques specific to the individual. A range of tapes (including rigid and kinesiotapes) are utilised at different tensions to support patients at every aspect of their rehabilitation.

Our podiatrists regularly undertake home education for parents/patients when self-application of strapping is required for extended rehabilitation purposes.

Toe props and interdigital wedges

Custom toe-props and interdigital wedges are commonly made in the paediatric setting to assist with lesser toe deformities. Curly toes and overlapping toes are two examples of presentations which may benefit from toe props or splints. Following a thorough assessment and accurate diagnosis of the presentation, these devices may be made quickly during the time of consultation.

Toe props are useful in splinting and stabilizing toe positions or to redistribute pressure. They are used selectively in individual cases. At LBF we commonly fabricate custom props for dancers en pointe.

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