By providing a comprehensive and holistic approach to podiatric care, we aim to make podiatry services accessible to children and adolescents of all ages at the various stages of their development.

We assess & treat paediatric-specific podiatry conditions

Children are not simply small adults. Children’s bodies, and in particular their musculo-skeletal system, is continually developing and growing. Consequently, treatment modalities can vary substantially between adults and children. By providing specialty knowledge and care, our team is able to assess, diagnose and treat an array of paediatric-specific podiatry conditions.

We aim to educate and guide

At Little Big Feet we prioritise patient rapport and education. We aim to educate and guide parents and caregivers throughout the entire process from clinical findings through to treatment outcomes; hereby allowing a deeper understanding which assists in developing a collaborative treatment approach.

Our team are industry leaders

Little Big Feet is led by board certified paediatric podiatrist, Jason McLellan. With over 20 years in the field, Jason is highly regarded within Australia as one of the leading podiatrists within the paediatric field.

About our team