Moon boots or LC boots

Moon boots aide in immobilisation and are a necessary first line treatment for many acute injury and fractures.

At LBF we pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of daily use immobilisation splints and boots appropriate for most foot and ankle fractures or traumatic Musculo-skeletal injuries. These devices enable our podiatrists to prioritise functional movement and pain reduction whilst managing the difficult first stages of injury.

Turtle bracing

Turtle bracing and heat mouldable braces are commonly used for positional and soft tissue malalignments. Following a thorough assessment to determine the reducibility of the position, Turtle braces are considered an effective day and or night application. These braces are used across a variety of ages and aetiologies. Some instances in which these may be used include:

  • Cerebral palsy
  • Foot drop
  • Metatarsus adductus
  • Positional CTEV
  • and more...

Other splinting devices

LBF podiatrists utilise a range of additional intrinsic and extrinsic shoe bracing systems. Made from a variety of light-weight materials, these may be rigid or semi-rigid and often are coupled with a specific footwear regime. LBF offer both customised and off-the-shelf braces, such as ankle support braces and foot-drop braces, if they are determined to be beneficial to the child’s treatment regime.