Semi and fully customised orthoses

Orthoses are a form of removable inserts which are placed inside footwear to control a range of different lower limb pathologies and presentations. Orthotics may provide symptomatic relief to a range of conditions, however it is integral that a thorough assessment (biomechanical assessment) be undertaken prior to any orthotic prescription, to enable the podiatrist to determine the precise cause/s of the presenting complaint and ensure accurate prescription be ascertained.

Functional orthotics adjust the foot, ankle and lower limb alignment in an effort to achieve sound mechanics. Through analysis of gait, functional and static testing, your podiatrist will determine the exact orthoses prescription.

Why have orthotics?

Orthotics are generally recommended when wedging and kinetic in-shoe modifications are not considered sufficient to control or correct the foot position/ lower limb presentation. Children whose clinical prescription exceed moderate control, will typically be recommended orthoses.

LBF manufacture a range of orthotics onsite from various materials. Your podiatrist will discuss with you and your child, the different options, so that you may make an informed decision about your child/ren’s treatment. As a specialty children’s clinic, we prioritise the child’s comfort and select materials of varying densities to match the child’s tolerance whilst ensuring best clinical outcomes.

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