About Sophie

Sophie is the co-owner of Little Big Feet and ensures the smooth daily running of the clinic. A podiatrist herself, Sophie has a great relationship with LBF's suppliers and oversees the selection of footwear to ensure the quality, craftsmanship and aesthetics are up to scratch for LBF's patients and customers. Sophie maintains LBF's quality assurance and clinical compliance; whilst promoting active staff education and training to ensure the team is fully equipped with the most relevant clinical and technological advances.

Expert in Footwear

Having co-founded Skobi Shoes, Sophie has an extensive knowledge of the footwear industry. She was previously responsible for the design, manufacture and distribution of the brand to a large network of stores throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Building a strong rapport with children & families

Sophie maintains contact within the education sector as a qualified teacher specialising in the middle years of schooling.

"There are a lot of parallels between the school setting and clinical setting, especially when it comes to the individual needs of the child. At LBF, we emphasise the importance of developing a great rapport with children and their families. Without that, you’ll never fully achieve their trust nor compliance."