About Aaron

A history of sporting injuries and podiatry visits ignited Aaron's initial interests in the field of podiatry. Aaron studied at Queensland's University of Technology and graduated in 2013. After working in the prviate setting for some years, Aaron returned to Queensland's University of Technology to pursue a teaching role as a Lecturer in Clinical Podiatry.

Aaron is also tackling his PhD in Paediatric Podiatry, where he is exploring the complexities of heel pain in children and adolescents.

"We aim to identify further, and hopefully improve, treatment recommendations in order to better children and adolescent bone health."

Aaron's interests within the field of paediatric podiatry extend to disability medicine, connective tissue presentations and rheumatological conditions.

Having two children of his own, Aaron has a strong ability to establish excellent rapports with children and parents alike.

"The most rewarding part of my day is making a difference to the daily lives of children and adolescents... from helping young children to walk for the first time, to enabling participation in physical activity... that is truly rewarding."

Being an avid learner, Aaron also enjoys laboratory time, where he manufactures custom orthoses and in-shoe modifications for his patients. Aaron's on-site custom production facilitates practical and efficient turnarounds for time-poor families.

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