About Molly

Molly graduated from QUT with honors in 2018. She considers herself to be very fortunate to have had the mentorship of Jason McLellan throughout her studies, and during that time she developed a strong passion for all aspects of podiatry including paediatrics.

Having spent her first 5 years of podiatry in both private and public practice, Molly joins the LBF team eager to further pursue the challenges of paediatric podiatry, particularly the complexities associated with neurodiversity among children.

Being the eldest of 15 younger cousins, Molly has a natural affinity with children and their families. Compassionate and caring, Molly relishes the satisfaction of imparting a positive impact on the lives of children.

Molly is known for her collaborative approach within her profession. Working closely with Jason and the team at LBF has exposed Molly to some of the best clinical practices in the field; enabling her to develop her own clinical pathways in order to achieve best health outcomes for her patients.

"Building a rapport with families is the only way they will have trust in our judgment. Paediatrics is challenging and every patient is different. I've learned that it's ok to ask questions to better understand my patients."

Having taken time to pursue the various fields of podiatry, Molly has learned the importance of a healthy work-life balance.

"Paediatric podiatry is incredibly challenging. It is unlike any other clinical setting. Downtime is important so that I can be the best practitioner possible. I love to spend my spare time cooking, walking and catching up with friends."

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